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Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter 1.7

Zombie Call Trigger Shooter is another Android application on the currently popular topic. Unlike similar Zombie games, Call Trigger Shooter offers original game mechanics, better graphic design and voice acting. A huge number of opponents and constant shooting. What else do you need to pass the time on the road or at home?


The events described in the appendix develop in the winter of 1945. You, as part of an elite infantry squad, go on a dangerous mission to the deep rear of the enemy. A mysterious installation is hidden in the forest and your task is to find and destroy it. However, it soon turns out that all the personnel who serviced the installation mutated and turned into zombies with superhuman abilities. That's where the fun begins!


What is to be done? - Move through the levels and shoot at anything that moves. A kind of classic shooter with hordes of enemies and tons of weapons and ammunition.



  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics and excellent voice acting
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • A large selection of weapons and ammunition
  • Huge game space
  • Simple, convenient and intuitive operation


The user interface and character management are very simple. On the screen of the mobile Android device at the bottom there are icons with taps on which you can activate first aid kits, use grenades or change weapons. To turn on the sniper mode, a special button is placed on the right side.


Installing the application will not cause difficulties and is no different from installing programs with the "apk" extension. Do you like shooters with a huge number of enemies and endless shooting? Then the presented application is created for you! The latest version of the shooting game Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter download for android.

Features: 3D Zombie Donat

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