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Mods - Minecraft PE Revision 20024

Mods - Minecraft PE is a collection of the best mods for one of the most popular Android games. Visually, the program is designed quite modern, but simple and concise. You won't have to see any particularly colorful interface elements, but the program copes with its functions. Navigation is clear. It is worth noting that the mods themselves are not presented here (then the weight of the software would be approaching several gigabytes), but links to them and brief reviews. Each of them contains a link to a torrent or a direct download, several screenshots and a text description. Of course, everything is in English.

Lack of Russification in Mods –Minecraft Pocket Edition does not interfere with the choice of modifications at all – there is enough elementary school knowledge to figure out what's what. The descriptions are not the most complete, but they are quite capable of explaining the main features of the mod, its purpose and functions. In most cases, you will need a BlockLauncher or similar software to install mods. There are more than fifty high-quality modifications in the prog, of which all work perfectly. Thanks to the wide range of topics, it is easy to choose something for yourself.


  • Simple and concise design;
  • Lots of mods;
  • Descriptions, screenshots, links;
  • You will need an installer;
  • Easy download and setup;
  • English only.


In front of the user is an excellent program that can incredibly diversify gaming in Minecraft Pocket Edition and greatly increase its playability. Installation does not cause any problems, even newfag can easily use this software. The latest version of the game Mods - Minecraft PE download for android.

Features: Online

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  • Game version: Revision 20024
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