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Piano Tiles 2 1.0.22

Piano Tiles 2 continues the popular Android game called "Don't touch the white tile". The Piano Tiles 2 app provides owners of tablet computers and smartphones with new music and updated gameplay, which makes it even more attractive to users. The game is easy to control, undemanding to the "stuffing" of an electronic device and has practically no analogues.


The application is a bright and colorful piano simulator. How to play? - Black keys are displayed on the screen of the mobile Android device. Pleasant music sounds and your task is to press these keys to the beat of the sounding musical compositions. The music sounds very diverse. Depending on it, the speed of moving the keys on the display of the mobile device changes. Remember. You can't touch the white fields! As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult in the gameplay.


  • Updated gameplay
  • Rating system and the ability to organize competitions with gamers from all over the globe
  • Instead of the black-and-white version of the graphic design, a bright color scheme is used
  • The database has been replenished with a huge number of new musical compositions
  • Now it is possible to record your own performance


Thanks to the large buttons of the user interface, it's a pleasure to work with the application! The control menu is simple and intuitive. There are only four tabs in it. "Home" allows you to visit the developer's homepage, "Melodies" gives you the opportunity to choose a musical composition that will be played by the user of a tablet or smartphone on Android.


The "Settings" button will allow you to go to the settings menu and finally in the "Hall" tab you can see the Rating and achievements table. Installing the program will not cause difficulties even for novice gamers. The program will appeal to various categories of users, because with its help anyone can feel like a skilled and virtuoso musician. Play and have unforgettable fun! The latest version of the game Piano Tiles 2 download for android.

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