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Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode is an exciting game application for tablets and smartphones on Android. The Minecraft Story Mod game is based on the famous Minecraft, but in fact represents a completely new gameplay. Unlike the traditional sandbox, here you will find a fascinating plot, a funny hero and exciting adventures.


The main character becomes a character named Jesse. Events unfold in a world that was once under the tyranny of the Dragon Ender. One day, the four brave heroes who made up the Order of the Stone managed to destroy the dragon and bring peace back to earth. Years have passed and now the villain has returned again, in order to sow chaos and disorder.


Jesse and his friends literally idolize the Order of the Stone and go in search of heroes. There are of course a huge number of adventures ahead! How to play? - You have to control the character, overcome traps, obstacles, and fight. The graphics of the game are made in the style of Minecraft and the whole world, including the characters, is created from colorful cubes. The development of the storyline depends on the actions you have taken, so you need to be extremely collected and attentive.


The gameplay is controlled from the screen of a tablet computer or an Android smartphone. At the same time, it is simple and intuitive for any user. When installing the game, you will need to download the cache. The easiest way is to download the application via a wireless Internet connection. In this case, it is enough to download the ".apk" file, then run the installation and after its completion allow the program to download the cache from the Internet. The game will appeal to fans of Minecraft, fans of adventure games and other users of mobile devices. Explore the vast world, become a participant in unforgettable adventures and help Jesse save the world from the threat! The latest version of the game Minecraft: Story Mode download for android.

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