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Pixel Strike 3D 9.4.0

Pixel Strike 3D. This is a new version of an exciting shooting game created for mobile devices on Android. In the new version of Pixel Strike 3D, a new weapon has appeared, the game balance has been revised, a damage indicator has been added, the speed of movement of characters has been increased and several more changes have been made. Now you will be able to spend your free time even more interesting!


A distinctive feature of the program was the pixel graphics used in it. This makes the shooter look like toys of the "eighties" and adds an additional zest to the gameplay. The rest of the application is a classic shooter with mountains of weapons and crowds of enemies.


What should I do?

  • Just control the movements of the character, reload weapons in time and shoot the enemies on the way! In addition, the application supports multiplayer and allows eight players to fight simultaneously. Experience is awarded for participation in battles, with the help of which access to new weapons and ammunition is unlocked.



  • Original pixel graphics
  • Exciting and dynamic gameplay
  • A large selection of weapons and ammunition
  • Simple operation


The user interface is simple and accessible even for novice gamers. The control buttons are equipped with intuitive logos and are large enough to ensure comfortable operation with the application. The installation of the program does not differ from the installation of most applications with the extension "apk".


The game will arouse the interest of fans of shooters, shooters, fans of online battles, gamers who like games with pixel, uncomplicated graphics. Don't forget. The program is created for Android, which means that an exciting shooter will always be with you! The latest version of the shooting game Pixel Strike 3D download for android.

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  • Game version: 9.4.0
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  • Game version: 9.3.1
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  • Game version: 9.3.0
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