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Implosion - Never Lose Hope 1.5.2

Implosion Never Lose Hope is a new version of the popular Android game. In Implosion Vine Hop, you will find excellent graphics, convenient controls and simply addictive gameplay. The new version fixes bugs previously identified by users and makes a few minor changes. The main distinguishing feature of the application is that it presents a really console-level gameplay. Events are developing in the future. The Earthlings were defeated in the war. A terrible threat in the face of representatives of the mysterious Xada race has once again hung over the remnants of humanity.

But all is not lost, because Earth scientists have managed to create the latest weapon - the Var Mech 3 combat suit. You have to become the operator of one of the suits and take part in a huge number of battles.



  • Console-level graphics
  • Great voice acting
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Dynamic and addictive gameplay
  • Huge arsenal of weapons
  • The system of pumping and development of weapons
  • And much more


To control the actions of the character, the touch screen of an Android mobile device is used. At the same time, the control is so simple and intuitive that even a novice gamer can easily master it within a few minutes. After installing the application, you will need to download the cache.


This can be done using a wireless Internet connection. In this case, after downloading and completing the installation process of the program, it is enough to allow it to download the cache. The application will arouse the interest of fans of space-themed games, fans of action games and the so-called "Fur Var" genre. Feel the real fusion of man and machine, fight the alien race and save humanity from another danger! The latest version of the shooting game Implosion - Never Lose Hope download for android.

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