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Charm King 8.13.3

Charm King is an exciting puzzle game for Android. The application is constantly evolving and has already managed to gather a fairly large army of fans. The dynamic gameplay, bright design and simple controls are to blame for everything. The new version of the Charm King app has been updated with fifteen new levels and quests.


The game is a story about one of the fairy kingdoms. The gameplay is based on three-in-a-row puzzles. What should I do? - It's very simple. A variety of droplets, crystals, clouds and other figures are placed on the playing field.


All of them are arranged in a chaotic order and your task is to make sequences of three or more identical figures. Such chains disappear from the field and experience points are awarded to you. We cleared one field - we move on to the next. In total, there are about five hundred locations in the gameplay, so an exciting time for the owner of a tablet or smartphone on Android is guaranteed.



  • Bright colorful graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • A huge number of levels
  • You can play together with friends


Management is very simple. You just click on the screen first on the figure you want to move, and then specify the place where it should be moved. All images are large enough, which ensures comfortable work with the program on mobile devices with small screens.


The installation of the application does not differ from the installation of most programs with the extension "apk" and takes place automatically. The presented application will arouse the interest of fans of logic games, the genre of "three in a row". Now you can not only have fun and relax, but also train your memory and thinking. And all this on the screen of a tablet or smartphone on Android! The latest version of the game Charm King download for android.

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