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Save the Fairy Land 1.0.8

Save the Fairy Land. This is a bright and colorful Android application for you to spend your free time. In the new version of the program Spasti Stranu Fej, bugs and bugs have been fixed, as well as new levels and characters have appeared. The events of the storyline develop in a fairy-tale land inhabited by kind fairies. The cheerful and carefree life of the fairy-tale state did not appeal to the evil sorceress, who put a terrible spell on the lands and dried them up. Your task is to help the good sorceresses save their country and use a lot of magic spells.

How to play? - You will have to clean up the game locations and make everything in the neighborhood sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. There are many tasks. Here you can get acquainted with bears, prepare a magic potion, search for important items and much more!


The game features a large number of levels, each of which is a separate puzzle location with clearly defined tasks and a sequence of actions. On one of the levels, for example, you have to save a polar bear. To do this, we cut the weeds and remove the grass, then hide the sun in the clouds and use several magic spells to bring back winter.



  • Lots of magic spells
  • Magic potions that you have to cook
  • A lot of game tasks and quests
  • Riddles and puzzles
  • Colorful graphics and addictive gameplay
  • Extremely simple operation


The gameplay is controlled from the screen of a mobile device on Android. At the same time, the user interface is simple, minimized and logically understandable. Installing the software will take a few minutes and does not require user intervention.


The program will arouse interest primarily among girls, fans of logic and casual games will be happy to play it. Help the charming inhabitants of the Fairy Kingdom to restore the old order to their native land. The latest version of the game Save the Fairy Land download for android.

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