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Crash Car Driving 1.35

Crash Car Driving. This spectacular and dynamic Android game will certainly help you to have fun in your free time. Here you will find not only great graphics, but also an unusual gameplay. Without a doubt, the Crash Car Driving app is just what you need!


What is the point of the game? - Drive cars and race through the streets of the metropolis. It is important not to overtake the opponent. It is much more important to destroy your car as much as possible. To complete the task, the gameplay has everything you need.


A large selection of wheelbarrows available for driving, all kinds of improvements and spare parts, powerful engines and turbocharging systems. The events unfold in four locations replete with various obstacles and objects.



  • High realism
  • High-quality, three-dimensional graphics
  • Vehicle damage system
  • Large selection of spare parts and improvements
  • Simple operation


It is easy and convenient to control the movement of the car in the game space. There are two up and down arrow buttons on the screen, which are respectively designed for acceleration and braking. You can turn it by simply tilting your tablet or smartphone in the right direction. In addition, there are buttons on the display with which you can turn the wheelbarrow and view its appearance and take high-quality screenshots. Even a novice gamer can handle the installation of the program. The installation process is standard for installing "apk" files and does not require additional intervention by the owner of the tablet or smartphone.

The application will arouse the interest of fans of racing arcades, fans of car simulators. Hurry to the track, develop the maximum speed and most importantly, do not spare your car! The latest version of the game Crash Car Driving download for android.

Features: 3D Sensory For boys

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