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Checkers PRO 1.0

Checkers PRO is another variant of the board logic game adapted for Android devices. The Shashki PRO application will please the user of a tablet or smartphone with its beautiful graphics, it is not demanding of the "stuffing" of a mobile device. The most important thing is that you will now be able not only to play, but also to develop your thinking and logic.


The games are played according to the rules used in Russian checkers. A little bit about the rules. The game is played on an eight-by-eight-square field. Each side has twelve chips, which are lined up in three rows on each side. Ordinary chips can be turned into "kings" if it is possible to hold a checker to the last line of the opponent. The task is to beat all the opponent's chips or create a situation where the opponent cannot make a single move.


  • The ability to play with a computer or a real opponent
  • Table of Achievements and Leaders
  • Support for the Facebook social network
  • Eye-pleasing graphic design
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Time-limited mode
  • The "Delete" button to return to the previous move


How to manage? - The screen of a tablet or smartphone is used to control the gameplay. Walking is as easy as in the board version of the game. You just tap on the chip that you are going to move, and then specify the place where you want to move the piece.


The installation of the program will take a minimum of time and takes place automatically. The software will arouse the interest of fans of logic games, fans of checkers, users who want to have fun and at the same time develop their logical thinking. Now your favorite board game will always be with you! The latest version of the game Checkers PRO download for android.

Features: Online Multiplayer

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  • Game version: 1.0
  • Downloaded: 2010
  • Full version
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