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Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG 1.9.232470

Defenders 2 Tower Defense CCG is a new version of the popular Android game application. Convenient controls, addictive gameplay, the presence of several dozen types of weapons in it make Defenders 2 Tover Defense CCG one of the best games in its genre. The new version of the program has a number of new features, as well as fixed errors previously identified by users.


Fate throws you to a mysterious land that long ago experienced a global cataclysm. The bowels of the planet contain powerful artifacts and treasures, but all this wealth is guarded by hordes of monsters. Mines that extract resources are constantly being attacked by monsters and your task is to ensure their reliable protection. The game belongs to the so-called "Tower Defense" genre and includes its best elements. The basis of the gameplay is numerous towers with a wide variety of weapons and the possibility of "pumping". The essence of the game is simple.

You provide the defense of your base and install various towers on the way of monsters. The further you go through the storyline, the more opponents there are. Their abilities are also increasing.



  • Addictive gameplay
  • Forty types of towers and 20 spells
  • More than fifty types of monsters and bosses
  • Change of weather conditions and time of day
  • Beautiful graphics and great voice acting


The user interface is simple and intuitive. Large interface buttons allow you to work comfortably with the application on devices equipped with small screens. The installation of the program takes place automatically and does not require the intervention of the owner of a tablet computer or an Android smartphone. The application will arouse the interest of fans of the Tower Defense genre, gamers who like games with elements of strategy and other categories of users. Attention! For the full operation of the application, an Internet connection is required. The latest version of the strategy Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG download for android.

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