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My Talking Ella 2.9

My Talking Ella is another modern analogue of the Tamagotchi toy popular in the mid-nineties. The presented version of the Moja Govorjashhaja Jella program is adapted for Android devices, has a bright and colorful graphic design and is undemanding to the resources of tablets and smartphones.


The rules are very simple. A funny pet settles in your mobile device - a charming baby elephant named Ella. You have to take care of him, feed him, entertain him, put him to bed and help him grow into an adult elephant. You will have to take care of the appearance of the character, picking up clothes for him.


For a change, the gameplay includes several mini-games in which you have to perform a variety of tasks. For example, in the mini-game "Fluttering Ella" you need to control a flying elephant, collect food and dodge obstacles. There is a mini-game in which the baby elephant will jump over the mice and your task is not to let him fall.



  • You can talk to your pet and he will answer you with a funny voice
  • A large collection of clothes for dressing up
  • Several mini-games
  • Colorful graphics and addictive gameplay


If we talk about the user interface and management, they are very simple. The control buttons are equipped with intuitive icons and are located at the top and bottom of the touch screen. At the same time, they have a large enough size to ensure comfortable work with the application.


Installing the program will not cause difficulties and does not differ from installing most Android games. The toy will primarily appeal to girls, because who else but they like to take care of pets, dress them, feed them and entertain. Play and have fun with it! The latest version of the arcade My Talking Ella download for android.

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