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BattleHand 1.11.0

BattleHand is a completely attention-grabbing role-playing game for Android. The number of fans of the Battle Hand application is constantly increasing and it's all the fault of its attractive gameplay, a large selection of game modes, simple controls and undemanding hardware. This is just what you need for entertainment!


The events of the game take place in a fantasy world under the tyranny of the insidious Queen Amethyst and her minions. Your task is to assemble a team of invincible fighters and fight back against the villains. The gameplay is typical for the RPG genre. It features characters belonging to several races.


Traditionally, these are elves, magicians and fighters. The former masterfully wield bows and ranged weapons, magicians are strong in spells, and fighters are real masters of hand-to-hand combat. Each of the races has its own set of unique abilities and skills. There are several modes in the gameplay, which allows you to choose battles to your taste. For participation in battles, experience is accrued, which then goes to improving the skills of the heroes. Cards can also be used to improve character parameters.


  • A large selection of game modes
  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics
  • Expanded set of skills, abilities and abilities
  • Three character races
  • A huge selection of tactics and strategy options


The gameplay is completely controlled using the touch screen of an Android mobile device. At the same time, the user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The installation of the game application takes place in automatic mode, does not require additional settings and player intervention.


The application will arouse interest among various categories of users, primarily among fans of the "role-playing" genre, strategies, card games. Lead a team of the strongest and most experienced fighters and emerge victorious from many fights and duels! The latest version of the action game BattleHand download for android.

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