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Winter Fugitives: stealth game 1.5

Winter Fugitives is an application for Android devices in the genre of stealth action. The Winter Runaways app is constantly being developed and updated with new features. The new version will allow you to immerse yourself in the winter atmosphere, it also has new levels and a new guard, armed and very dangerous.


A character under your control for some misdemeanors ends up in prison. His only desire is to get out to freedom as soon as possible and to escape is the only opportunity for his realization. You have to help the ward in this dangerous and difficult undertaking.


How to play? - The gameplay includes several locations. There are labyrinths of fences and several guards on each of them. Your task is to count every step and sneak past the guards so that the police do not notice the character. Reaction speed will play a crucial role in overcoming locations. Overcoming the sections you get a monetary reward. It can be useful in a difficult moment and will allow you to bribe the guard who discovered your character.


  • Attention-grabbing gameplay
  • A large number of levels
  • Colorful graphics and excellent voice acting
  • Simple, logically understandable control


You can fully control the gameplay directly from the touch screen of your mobile device. The control is simple and is carried out with your fingers in one touch. This undoubtedly makes the gameplay even more attractive.


The installation of the program is automated and you only need to click on the corresponding button a couple of times to start downloading. The application will appeal to fans of action games, adventure games and other categories of users. Make the most daring prison break in the history of mankind! The latest version of the action game Winter Fugitives: stealth game download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.5
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