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Gambol Lite 1.1

Gambol Lite is an attractive casual game for Android devices. The game Gambola Lite is distinguished by its original graphics and fascinating gameplay. This is exactly the application that you need in order to have fun and spend a couple of hours of free time.


The full version of the application includes three games at once. In the first, the main character becomes a beginner karate named Gambol. Your task is to help a beginner master the most effective martial arts techniques. To do this, we simply strike at objects appearing on the screen - televisions, cardboard crocodiles, and so on. The main thing here is not to miss, otherwise you can get the title "karatyshka"! The hero of the second part is the bouncer Darwin.

Here you have to dodge the balls flying at you by simply tilting your tablet or Android smartphone to the right or left and shoot at the characters running past by swinging your touchscreen finger. The third component of the program will allow you to create your own characters and develop their design. It is called "The Designer of the Characters". The user has 50 elements at his disposal with which you can construct a unique hero. Additionally, you will need a photo, for example yours. A few minutes and the new hero of the Gambol world is ready!

The application provides good graphics and high-quality sound. The controls are simple and intuitive. Downloading and installing the program will not cause any difficulties even for novice gamers, because it is fully automated. The application will appeal to fans of casual games and owners of mobile devices who just want to have a little fun. Evaluate its capabilities in full! The latest version of the game Gambol Lite download for android.

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