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Papa Pear Saga 1.114.2

Papa Pear Saga is a fun and exciting Android game. Simple and addictive gameplay, convenient controls, bright graphics presented in the Steam Steam Saga application will attract the attention of any tablet or smartphone user for a long time. Do you want to have fun and spend your free time in an interesting way. This game is created especially for you!


The toy reminds many of such a celebrity as "Angry Birds". The main character this time is a funny pea in a helmet. With this character, you have to shoot a cannon at the fruits located on the game location and thus gain points. You can earn additional experience points by hitting a pea straight into the hole at the bottom of the playing field. The additional attractiveness of the gameplay is given by the possibility of passing levels together with friends. As you can see, there is nothing complicated!


  • Colorful graphics and great voice acting
  • Bonus and Reward System
  • A huge number of levels
  • Leaderboard
  • Syncing with other devices


The management of the application is simple and intuitive. You simply choose the angle of the gun, control the strength of the shot on the scale located on the left side of the screen and at the right moment make a volley by tapping on the screen. The user interface is minimized and even a novice gamer can easily master it.


The installation of the application takes place automatically, does not require additional settings and user intervention. The game will appeal to fans of casual games and other categories of users. Shoot fruits from a cannon, get experience points for it, unlock hundreds of new levels and have an interesting time! The latest version of the game Papa Pear Saga download for android.

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