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Cave In 2.0

Cave In is an interesting game application for Android that will allow the user to have an interesting free time. The distinctive features of the Kave In application can be considered the original graphic design and extremely simple operation. In addition, the program is undemanding to resources, takes up a minimum of space in the memory of tablets and smartphones.


The gameplay is very simple. The main character becomes an unnamed caver who stopped for the night in one of the caves. Suddenly, icicles begin to fall on the character from the vault of the cave. There are more and more of them. Your task is to control the character, move to the right or left and dodge the rushing ice blocks. There are three modes in the gameplay, but the most interesting is "Survival". It is almost endless and goes on as long as you can dodge objects flying at the hero.

The graphics are very simple and will remind the toys of the "eighties-nineties". Simple and intuitive controls make the gameplay even more attractive. All you need is to move your finger on the touch screen in the direction you want to move the character.


There are only a few buttons in the user interface. To start the game, just click on the button with the image of a green triangle. By opening the item with the image of the podium, you can look at the table of records. A separate button will allow you to choose the most interesting game mode in your opinion.


The installation of the application takes a minimum of time, takes place in automatic mode. It does not require the intervention of the owner of a smartphone or tablet on Android. The program will arouse the interest of arcade fans and other categories of users. Control a funny caver and dodge dozens of pieces of ice flying at him. The latest version of the arcade Cave In download for android.

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