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Darts 3D 2.1

Darts 3D is a colorful game for Android, which will undoubtedly help to have more fun and interesting free time. Darts 3D is constantly evolving and in its new version some bugs have been fixed, changes have been made to the leaderboard and achievements. Colorful graphics and simple controls make the presented application one of the most exciting in the genre of "sports simulator".


You are probably familiar with such a game as darts, which allows you not only to have fun, but also to train the accuracy of the throw and the eye. The program offers you to become a participant of competitions in this sport. At the same time, you can compete both with the computer and with real rivals! The achieved results are displayed on the table of records and achievements available to all users. In addition, the game has a chat that will allow you to quickly exchange information with friends or other fans of the application.


  • Rules 301 and 501 variants of the game
  • Multi-user mode support
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Realistic physics
  • Beautiful graphics and voice acting


As mentioned above, the user menu and the management of the application are very simple. Just a few control buttons allow you to select modes, tournaments, and get access to the rating. How to throw a dart? - After the launch, an image of the target appears on the screen of the mobile Android device.


After clicking on the display, an image of the sight appears. You need to set the sight as you see fit, then long-press the screen to adjust the force of the throw and throw the dart accordingly. As you can see, nothing complicated. The installation process of the application designed for novice gamers will not cause difficulties either. The program will appeal to fans of sports simulators, fans of darts and other categories of users. Throw the sports equipment as accurately as possible and enjoy the gameplay! The latest version of the sports game Darts 3D download for android.

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