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My Gu Is A Virtual Pet 3.1.0

My Gu Virtual Pet is an exciting and interesting game for Android. It will in many ways remind the owners of tablets and smartphones of the "Talking Tom Cat" application. The game Moj Gu Virtualnyj Pitomec offers to look after a new ward and differs from similar developments in high-quality graphics and lower requirements for hardware.


The ward is a kind of cute and funny creature that received the name Gu from the developers. By the way, it should be said right away that the user has the ability to change the appearance of his pet. What is to be done? - Just take care of Gu, feed, water, dress him, put him to bed when he gets tired and of course have fun.


You can teach Gu to play the piano, bathe him, help decorate the house, and so on and so forth. In general, you will have a lot of worries. There will simply be no time for boredom. The gameplay becomes even more diverse thanks to the ten mini-games presented in the gameplay.


Playing them, you will not only have fun, but you will also be able to earn game coins and then buy the necessary items, clothes and food for your pet with them. The mini-games themselves are designed for agility, reaction speed and attention.



  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • The ability to change the appearance of a virtual pupil
  • Colorful graphics and wonderful voice acting
  • Additional mini-games
  • And much, much more


Application management is simple, logically clear and optimized for Android mobile devices. The installation of the program takes place automatically and even a child can cope with it. The game is designed for the youngest users, lovers of games with pets. Take care of your pupil and help him grow up. The latest version of the arcade My Gu Is A Virtual Pet download for android.

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