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Talking Cat 2.8

A talking cat. The name of this Android app speaks for itself. In fact, this is an analogue of the famous "Tom cat". Nevertheless, the Talking Cat game offers a slightly modified gameplay, a new game character, completely different graphics and will undoubtedly arouse the interest of users.


Tobby the cat becomes the main character in the presented application. More precisely, before an adult cat, he still has to grow and grow. Raising a pet is just your main task. You have to take care of the kitten yourself, feed and water, put to bed, entertain and dress.


You can talk to a virtual pet and it will repeat the phrases you have said in a pleasant and funny voice. You can slap the pupil and then Toby will show how he knows how to get angry. More diverse gameplay will make several mini-games in which you need to show dexterity, attention and promptness.



  • Simple, logically understandable control optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Colorful graphics and great voice acting
  • Pleasant gameplay
  • Additional mini-games and entertainment


Managing the game is easy and simple. The user interface is adapted for mobile Android devices and is equipped with large, intuitive buttons. By clicking on the button with the image of a T-shirt, you can start dressing games and pick up beautiful and fashionable clothes for your pet. In order to get the pupil drunk, tap on the button with the image of a glass of milk.


The installation of the application is automated and will not cause difficulties even for the smallest players. The program will arouse the interest of very young players, although no doubt their parents will also play it with passion. Take care of a charming kitten, have fun and grow up with him. The latest version of the game Talking Cat download for android.

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