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Forest Home 3.0.1

Forest Home is a fun and easy-to-control Android game. The Forest Home game has appeared recently and is constantly evolving. Its new version introduces new game modes, visual and sound effects, fixes bugs detected by users and improves performance.


The rules are very simple. The focus is on various funny inhabitants of the forest - bees, foxes, hares and other small animals. They are all lost and can't find their way home in any way. Your task is to draw each character a path to the house.


How to play? - Several characters appear on the screen at once and each has its own color. You draw with your finger an imaginary path along which the character will move to the house and it immediately appears on the screen. When laying paths, you need to avoid obstacles, use the proposed bridges. It is important that the colorful paths do not intersect with each other!


Along the way, the heroes can collect useful items that will be useful in the future to complete the levels. The game is fully integrated into social networks and thanks to this, you can play it together with your friends.



  • Unusual, colorful and fun graphics
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Leaderboards
  • Social media support
  • Multiple game locations
  • A huge number of levels


Management, as mentioned above, is extremely simple and optimized for touch screens of tablets and smartphones on Android. Installing the program will take a minimum of time and will not require your intervention. The software will arouse interest among various categories of users, primarily among fans of logic games. Complete hundreds of levels and help all the animals to return home! The latest version of the game Forest Home download for android.

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  • Game version: 3.0.1
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