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Fixies. Let's go to school! 2.0.1

Fixies Going to School is a fun educational game for Android. The Fiksiki Idjom v Shkolu application presents unique and inimitable characters, beautiful graphics, great soundtrack and will undoubtedly help very young owners of tablets and smartphones to have fun and at the same time prepare for school.


The heroes of the application are the characters of the popular animated film Fixiki. They make sure that everything in their house works properly and, if necessary, eliminate the resulting breakdowns. You will have to control the characters and solve fun puzzle tasks.


When passing mini-games, you need to learn how to use different types of watches, solve many logical problems, look for hidden objects, navigate in space. The very first task will be to search for a Sim card. She got a little lost on the way to school and you have to use the navigator to tell her the right way.


The next task is even more difficult. An important chip has broken down and you must arrange the proposed parts on it in the correct order. The application presents excellent, colorful graphics, which of course gives it additional appeal.



  • Characters of a popular cartoon on the screen of a mobile device
  • Colorful cartoon graphics
  • A large selection of game tasks
  • Constantly updated content
  • Simple and logically understandable control
  • Fascinating gameplay


Management is simple, convenient and is carried out in one touch directly on the screen of a mobile Android device. The application is designed for very young users, so its installation is extremely simple and takes place automatically. The game, as already mentioned, is designed for preschool-age users, but it will also arouse the interest of their parents. Play, have fun and acquire the knowledge you need in life! The latest version of the logic game Fixies. Let's go to school! download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.0.1
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  • Game version: 2.0.1
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