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Hammer Time! 1.1.0

Hammer Time is an interesting and easy-to-control game for Android devices. It belongs to the arcade genre and differs from similar applications in the original game mechanics and graphics. Without a doubt, it can be argued that the Hammer Time game for Android is just what you need for a fun time!


You are the owner of a huge medieval castle that is being attacked by an unusual enemy. Its role is played by numerous boulders. How to repel an attack? The developers offer a rather original way - to use a hammer.


The gameplay is quite simple, but at the same time attractive. Boulders roll across the screen of a tablet or smartphone and you break them with a hammer. He is fixed on one of the towers of the castle and your task is not to miss a single enemy. Periodically, trolleys with gold slip between rolling stones, which will be useful for acquiring new defense weapons. There are several dozens of all kinds of crushing and destroying objects, from the mighty hammer of Mjolnir to the most ordinary tennis racket! It is important to count every blow, because the slightest mistake can lead to defeat.


  • Original gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • A large selection of weapons
  • A huge number of levels
  • Intuitive, simple operation


The touch screen of Android tablets and smartphones is used to control the gameplay. At the same time, the management is distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility even for novice gamers. The installation of the program takes place automatically and takes a few minutes.


The application will undoubtedly arouse the interest of a wide variety of categories of users. He can be called a real "time killer". Play and have fun destroying the stones attacking your castle with one swing of the hammer! The latest version of the arcade Hammer Time! download for android.

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