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Dots Heroes 1.8

Dots Heroes. This simple-looking Android game will attract your attention for a long time. Dots Heroes app offers original graphics, lots of game levels and exciting dynamic gameplay. Do you like action games and adventures? Then this game is created especially for you!


Events unfold in a kind of fantasy world inhabited by knights, magicians and of course monsters. The gameplay is simple. In the storyline, there are a large number of locations that you access sequentially as you progress through the plot.


At each location there is a straight road along which monsters and other opponents can move. Your task is to use several characters at once and cut through the enemy army blocking the road. Each Hero has a unique set of skills and abilities.


Some heroes of the trowel wield a sword, others use combat magic. Before the start of the level, you assemble a team, click on the buttons with the image of the characters and thus send them into battle. A number of bonuses, such as Tornadoes, will help in the battle and simply sweep away the enemy. The graphics presented in the program are stylized for the games of the "eighties-nineties".


The user menu is simple and convenient. In it, you can choose the level of difficulty, the mission that you want to complete with just one touch of your finger or stylus. The control buttons are large enough to ensure comfortable operation with the interface on small screens.


The installation of the application takes place automatically and does not require the intervention of the owner of a tablet computer or smartphone. The game will appeal to fans of action games, applications with elements of the RPG genre, gamers who just want to have fun. Fight, assemble an invincible team and cut your way through hundreds of opponents. The latest version of the strategy Dots Heroes download for android.

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