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Larva Heroes Episode 2 2.6.5

Larva Heroes Episode 2 is a new version of the popular Android game. First of all, Larva Heroes Episode 2 is notable for its original graphics and dynamic gameplay. This is without a doubt exactly the application that will come in handy in order to have fun and pass the time.


The game is most similar to representatives of the "Tower defense" genre. Its main characters are funny fighting insects - larvae, bees, rhinoceros beetles. There are several types of these units in the gameplay and they all have unique sets of abilities and skills.

How to play? - The game map includes dozens of locations-levels. Before the start of each level, you choose one or more characters with whom you will fight the enemy. Then everything is very simple. Enemies crawl out of the tunnel and it is best to place their wards at the exit from it.


Some units shoot, others are real masters of hand-to-hand combat. Combining the skills of units, you will develop your own tactics and will not miss a single enemy to your base. During the game, you can call for reinforcements by scoring the required number of points.


Coins periodically fall out of the enemy. They need to be collected to unlock new levels and characters. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the gameplay. Managing the operation of the application is easy and logically understandable. The interface is optimized for Android mobile devices and allows you to play comfortably even on small displays. After installing the program, you will need to download the cache.

You can use a computer for this. In this case, you first need to download the "apk" files and cache to your computer, then connect your mobile device to it using a USB cable. After that, copy the files to the memory card, disconnect the USB cable and start the installation. After its completion, you can start the gameplay.


The application will appeal to connoisseurs of the Tower defense genre and other users. Use the unique abilities of combat insects to repel the enemy's attack! The latest version of the arcade Larva Heroes Episode 2 download for android.

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