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Clash Royale 3.2803.4

Clash Royale is a dynamic RTS for Android from the creators of the famous Clash of Clans. Makes a pleasant impression thanks to the high-quality graphic and sound design. It is not like other games in this direction, it has an attractive element of collectibles for many players.

In Clash Royal, which is a mixture of dueling and tower defense, beloved characters will try to capture other people's fortifications while protecting their own. Each player has three towers on his half of the field. Releasing soldiers and using magic, you need to maintain a balance between attack and defense, distributing troops between two directions to capture the central tower. After each victory, the participant is given a chest containing coins and hero cards. From them, you can get new heroes or improve existing ones by increasing their characteristics. Success in battle largely depends on the competent selection of a deck of heroes' cards released into the arena in the Grand Piano.


  • Pleasant cartoon graphics in the interior of the Middle Ages will certainly please fans of this direction. Especially suitable for fans of Clash of Clans.
  • Short duels that take no more than 3-4 minutes allow you to enter the game during short breaks, which will appeal to those who do not have time to immerse themselves in the game world for a long time.
  • A wide variety of troops leaves room for making interesting combinations and will appeal to those who love the strategy genre.

Questions about the game:

How do I get legendary cards?

Legends are in super magic chests, bought for gold, with a small chance they fall out of ordinary chests.

How to win more often?

Try to play in batches of 6 – 8 matches, otherwise after several wins the system starts to give stronger opponents.

How to pump faster?

Complete all the achievements in the game and don't forget to find a good clan to get more experience. The latest version of the strategy Clash Royale download for android.

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