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Plants vs Zombies 1.1.0

Plants vs Zombies is a new version of the most popular game application. You can now fight hordes of evil spirits and zombies on the screens of mobile Android devices. The screen of your tablet or smartphone will turn into a real arena after installing Plants against Zombies. Now your favorite strategy will always be with you: at home, on the road and even in class at school!


You are quietly and peacefully drinking seagulls on the playground near a country house. When suddenly detachments of zombies marching in your direction appear on the horizon. Their intentions are clearly hostile. How to protect yourself from uninvited guests? The answer to the question is quite simple - with the help of plants located in the garden. These assistants are divided into several types and each of them has a unique set of abilities. Some flowers and bushes just slow down the movement of the enemy, and some destroy it.

The gameplay of the game is characterized by brightness, dynamism, beautiful graphics and voice acting. The control interface is very simple and you can fight the enemy with the fingers of one hand. The program is adapted for mobile Android devices and is therefore less demanding on the "internal stuffing" than the version for stationary PCs.



  • The presence of several game modes
  • More than 50 levels, the events of which develop in three locations
  • About three dozen types of opponents
  • About fifty varieties of plants
  • The possibility of purchasing additional bonuses
  • Achievement system
  • Gorgeous, humorous graphics and voice acting


The game will appeal to owners of tablets and smartphones, who like the opportunity to think, make strategic plans in the gameplay, gamers waiting for jokes from the gameplay, beautiful design. How to play? - Build plants along the way, use their unique skills, monitor the number of "helpers", destroy uninvited guests. The latest version of the arcade Plants vs Zombies download for android.

Features: Online HD Zombie Donat

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