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Volume Message Service 1.2.2

Send awesome video messages to your friends and relatives as one of the talking animal friends. You can choose your character: Tom, Ben, Angela, Gina, Pierre or Ginger.


Record a short video and then send it as a text message (SMS), Facebook messages, KakaoTalk messages, etc.You can also post this video on Facebook or Twitter.This application is ideal for sending messages that you would be ashamed to voice in person. For example, an apology, a declaration of love, a song… You can even create your own funny video story. The Volume Message Service is the easiest and fastest way to send messages… You don't even have to type!

Choose which of the talking friends you want to be (Tom, Ben, Angela, Gina, Pierre or Ginger).
✔ Set your own background photo or choose one of the beautiful cartoon backgrounds.
✔ Put accessories on your hero: hat, sunglasses, microphone…


★★★ HOW TO USE ★★★
✔ Choose the hero on whose behalf you want to create a message.
✔ Buy and put accessories on your hero.
✔ Choose a background or use your own photo.
✔ Record a message by pressing the big red camera button.
✔ Send the video to your friend, relative or lover or post it online.


✔ Some characters can be purchased exclusively as part of an in-app purchase.
✔ Accessories are only available when they are paid with gold coins.
✔ Gold coins can be earned by frequently using the app (every 24 hours).
✔ If you want to share your video on Twitter, you must have one of the following applications installed: TwitVid, Seesmic, Twicca, UberSocial.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: At the initial launch of the application, you will need to download additional data in the amount of 6-19 megabytes in order to achieve the best quality of graphics display on your device. The latest version of the app Volume Message Service download for android.

Features: Online HD

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