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Kitchen 1.8.1

The official application of the most delicious comedy "Kitchen" from STS. The premiere of the third season is on March 3! In the "Kitchen" of the STS, hot passions are boiling, exquisite intrigues are woven, and all this is seasoned with the freshest humor! The main character Maxim Lavrov came to Moscow and realized his dream — he got a job as a cook in one of the most expensive restaurants in the capital.

As befits a series that is used to surprise, the new season of "Kitchen" is preparing solid surprises. Some of the heroes will fall into the water from the deck of the ship, someone will get under the wheels, and someone will end up on the street altogether…
The waitress Nastya is already 6 months pregnant. Chef Fedya and sous chef Lev are waiting for adventures on the love front. A serious rival for Maxim will interfere in the relationship between Vicky and Max. And almost every new episode will be filled with stunt scenes: according to the script, Max, in order to return Vika, will not regret either his own or someone else's health…
But the main event will still happen in the kitchen of the "Kitchen". There will be the first female sous chef Katya, a professional in the supermodel culinary direction of molecular cuisine. And although the cynical chef Viktor Barinov continues to believe that "a woman on a ship — that is, in the kitchen — is in trouble," almost the entire team of Claude Monet will fall in love with the new chef.


All the most interesting things about the "Kitchen" are in your pocket!
- Free viewing of new episodes and fresh trailers;
- News of the series, reports from the filming, announcements of new episodes;
- Detailed information about the characters and actors, photo galleries;
- Promotions, contests and special offers - new every week. The latest version of the entertainment app Kitchen download for android.

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