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EverythingMe Launcher 4.1.16386

EverythingMe is a launcher for your Android phone that provides you with everything you need when you need it. It provides you with the apps, contacts, and information you need every time you pick up your phone. The launcher improves both the appearance and functionality of your home screen. It makes it easier and more convenient for you to work with your phone - it makes it easier to open applications, make calls, and use other phone functions.


Here are the main features of EverythingMe that will greatly improve your phone:


Forecast Panel
Predicts your needs throughout the day. Offers applications, content and information that are most suitable for you in a given place and at the moment, based on your habits. For example, it offers you new apps in the morning, provides you with your calendar when you're at work, and a commuter train schedule when you're on your way home.


Smart Folders
Your apps are automatically grouped according to your interests, and the home screen looks neat. Read the statistics of football matches in the ”Sports" folder, or watch cartoons in the folder for children. Smart folders also contain cards that give brief information. Open the Nearby folder and the cards will show you the nearest restaurants, or open the Weather folder and see a card with the latest weather forecast.


Instant search in your phone
Instant, most personalized search based on Android. Enter one letter, and you will receive contacts, applications and Internet sites that are most suitable for you. By typing the letter “M”, you can get your mom's phone number first, or the “My Files” folder - depending on what you use more.


With EverythingMe, your phone is perfect, at any time of the day!

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