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Day: Automatic diary 2.1.3

Day Diary is a calendar of your life in which everything that happens to you is automatically marked every day: Day will take a selfie, record thoughts and emotions, movements and even phone calls! Automatically, without the slightest effort on your part! You don't have to invent something to write every day to remember this day - your diary will do it by itself! Your every day is unique, every moment and every emotion.


Imagine that you are being followed by a film group that is making a film about you with you in the lead role. Great? But you will not be able to be natural - cameramen, lighting and make-up artists will interfere with you. Your Day diary will record everything that happens to you unnoticeably and quietly. For the first time, you will get the opportunity to see and hear yourself from the outside and understand HOW people see you from the outside. Diary Day is the very same film group, only you will never see or hear it!


 Automatic Day diary will save information about every day of your life forever:


- Photos of your face!
- A list of your phone calls and the contents of phone conversations!
- Voice, thoughts and emotions!
- All SMS messages!
- All your movements!
- ...and much more!


All this you can view, listen to and study at any time - all data will be stored only on your device and only you will have access to it!

Day needs your permission to automatically capture location and routes, take photos of any of the device's cameras and save them, record your speech in a telephone conversation and save recordings, save call logs and SMS correspondence history, import and save images and videos from the device's gallery.


Every day, every minute, your phone and your diary will record your life unnoticed by you. For you. For your memory, for your life. The latest version of the scheduler Day: Automatic diary download for android.

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