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Wanam Xposed 4.0.0

Wanam Xposed is a set of mods for Android. With it, you can make a smartphone or tablet faster, more functional and more advanced. Vanam Ixposed is without a doubt the program that should be present in the arsenal of any owner of a mobile device!


Attention! For the full functioning of the application, Root access rights are required. The software features are very extensive. With it, you can turn off the volume of the sound warning, fully control the battery level, record conversations, change the color of the notification bar, turn on the camera during a call, and much more.



  • Four reboot options
  • Scrolling through music tracks using the sound control buttons
  • Multi-window support
  • Fully customizable control panel
  • Several options for the location of the clock
  • and that's not all


A lot of changes have been made to the new firmware version, which will make the Android device even more functional. The program management menu is simple and logically clear. To install the application, follow these steps.


Install "xposed installer" on your mobile device and activate "xposed framework" (tab "System", "Update"). After that, you need to reboot the device, and then install the module directly. Next, this module is activated in the Modules tab (check the box opposite the name) and the smartphone or tablet is rebooted again.


A selection of mods will arouse the interest of users who are constantly experimenting with their electronic devices, the owner of Android devices who want to expand the list of features of their mobile phone. The latest version of the app Wanam Xposed download for android.

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