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A talking cat. Jokes of the Badger

Hi, I'm a talking cat Cheeky Badger! I will live in your phone and entertain you with cool jokes. I can repeat everything I'm told in a funny voice. And I also know a lot of the best jokes, jokes and anecdotes.


HUNDREDS OF THE BEST JOKES HERE: A cheeky Badger will brighten your day, cheer you up and make you and your friends laugh heartily! The talking cat Barsik is not just a stupid "repeater" who only does what indiscriminately talks all sorts of nonsense. This is a cat with a character who, of course, knows how to repeat everything he is told, but his mood also depends on how you treat him. Like any real cat, Badger loves sausage and his bow toy. And he also reacts to touch – he likes it when stroking his tummy.


TALKING CAT BADGER: If you don't spoil him, the Cheeky Badger may refuse to talk to you, or even send you to hell. Please the cat with a piece of sausage, play with it and stroke it! And for this, he will tell a killer joke, a funny joke or an anecdote on various topics from family to vulgar.



• Listen and repeat after you in a funny voice
• Tell cool jokes
• In stock, the Badger has jokes and hotter
• Fool around with your favorite bow toy
• Be happy when his tummy is stroked
• Eat sausage
• Meet the Badger to find out why he is so Cocky! The latest version of the entertainment app A talking cat. Jokes of the Badger download for android.

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