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Recording calls / conversations 10.6

Did you have an important phone call and you had to write something down? Have you ever needed to remember a phone number or address? Are you stuck in traffic while taking an important order from a customer? Have you ever had to memorize a list of products to buy, and you forgot it? Have you ever wanted to keep memories of sweet and tender words from a loved one?

Call/Conversation Recording offers a unique set of features that enable automatic recording of conversations. An additional feature is the "Shake to Record" option, in English "Shake to Record", which allows instant recordings of any conversation. Recorded conversations can be listened to at any time, or automatically synchronized with your Dropbox account.

Full list of functions:
• Automatic recording according to predefined rules
• "Shake to record" (Premium option). Start recording by shaking your phone.
• Filter for recording. You can use filters to determine whether you want to record all calls, only calls with contacts, or only calls from unknown numbers. You can even define a filter for any individual contact in the list.
• A list of favorites. Conversations that are permanently stored in your phone.
• Automatic synchronization with Dropbox folder (Premium option). You can automatically sync all calls or only selected favorites.
• Manual Dropbox synchronization. Each dialog can be synchronized manually in Dropbox.
• Menu after the call (Premium option). After the end of the conversation, a menu will open with basic options for manipulating recorded conversations.
• Advanced memory management. It is possible to limit the amount of memory in the phone for recorded conversations that they occupy. The limit can be based on the number of calls, the total space in megabytes or on the date of calls (Premium option). The latest version of the app Recording calls / conversations download for android.

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