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Dostavista — work as a courier 2.66.3

How the program works: 

Register: full name/ passport and pass a two-minute interview by phone
Choose an order near you. The robot selects the performer based on the distance and rating


All earnings are paid on the same day. Your work will be paid by the client upon receipt of the parcel.

Requirements for the device:
— version from 2.1:
— camera
— GPS and wifi location detection function.


Types of orders:
— for foot couriers and by car
— there are light ones up to 1kg, as well as up to 5kg, up to 10kg, and heavier
— documents, flowers, cakes, shoes, etc.
— payment in cash and by card


When working full-time, the courier earns:
— 35-45 thousand rubles a month in Moscow
— 30-38 thousand rubles in St. Petersburg

We work with couriers who have reached the age of 18.


Are you a customer? To you here: The latest version of the app Dostavista — work as a courier download for android.

Features: Online Information

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