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inDriver - you set the price yourself 4.20.0

inDriver is a popular mobile application that has united drivers and passengers! This is a modern and technological format for ordering a trip with a lot of advantages.


Passengers determine the cost of the trip themselves! In fact, the average cost of trips to inDriver is 30-50% lower than the cost of trips through traditional taxi services.


You no longer need to call taxi services in search of available cars. There is no long wait and negotiations with dispatchers about when the ordered taxi will arrive. The delivery time of the car is from 2-3 minutes!


It is very easy to place an order — fill in the order form "From Where", "Where" and "Cost", which you determine! Free drivers nearby will call you themselves.


Many options allow you to specify additional criteria for the trip — choose a minibus, specify check-in, the presence of a child seat, etc. It is also possible to book a long-distance trip or find a truck.


After placing an order, the passenger sees the distance to the driver and how he is moving to his destination on the city map. Orders for previously completed routes can be repeated with one click.


The passenger sees the name and age of the driver, the make and number of the car, the number of completed orders. By making an application, a passenger can filter drivers according to the estimates set by previous passengers.


For those who have their own car, inDriver is a great opportunity to earn extra money. Free schedule, lack of dispatchers, GPS geolocation, minimize idle cars and empty mileage. The driver chooses the orders that are interesting to him! The latest version of the app inDriver - you set the price yourself download for android.

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