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ycon - make your emoticon 4.4.1

With the help of a new unique application, you can create your own original ycon stickers and emoticons!


It's very boring to use the same stickers as the others. Why waste time on ordinary stickers when with the help of ycon you can turn into a charming bunny or an ironic hipster? The list of characters is almost endless — download the app and start sharing selfie stickers with your friends today!


Why use ycon?

  • Creating your own stickers is easy! Choose a template, take a selfie and tap OK to create your own selfie stickers with just 3 touches.
  • More than 1,000 free stickers to choose from! Here you will find more than 1,000 characters and sketches created by artists from different countries. Surprisingly, these lovely stickers are free.
  • It is convenient to search for stickers! The stickers are divided into 7 categories (romance, happiness, sadness, anger, etc.), so you don't need to spend precious time searching for a sticker that matches your mood.
  • Add original signatures! More than 10 different speech clouds to choose from — adding messages to stickers is easier than ever! Add a suitable inscription to the stickers and convey your idea to the interlocutor.
  • Sharing stickers is very simple! Your masterpieces just need attention. Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks Share your creations on LINE with ycon!
  • The latest version of the entertainment app ycon - make your emoticon download for android.
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  • Program version: 4.4.1
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