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Google PDF Viewer 2.7.332.10.30

Google PDF Viewer is a useful application that will help Android device users more conveniently and comfortably view PDF files directly on Google Drive. From now on, you can view content, search for information, copy, print documents even on the go. In comparison with Google PDF analogues, Weaver works even faster, and even a child can manage it.


Very simple interface, concise, eye-pleasing design, high speed, no errors. This is not the whole list of advantages of the presented software. The viewer will appeal primarily to users of Android tablets and smartphones often working with documents in PDF format for which speed, convenience, and the ability to access files on Google Drive anywhere in the world are important.


The entire process of downloading and installing the viewer takes place automatically, does not require user intervention, while the software itself takes up a minimum of space in the device's memory. After installation, the program launch shortcut did not appear on the screen, is this an error? - No, the application is designed that way, it starts automatically when you open the document.


There is root rights, but the program "does not see" neither the app master, nor LP, nor the application manager. How to fix this error? - Search for the program in the system/app or system/priv-app folders using any file manager. If you installed the software yourself, then you need to look for a shortcut in the data/app folder.


Make working with documents stored on a popular file hosting even more convenient. Use the features of the presented software to the fullest. Work with content from anywhere in the world! The latest version of the app Google PDF Viewer download for android.

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  • Program version: 2.7.332.10.30
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