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Radar detector Russia 3.9

Sygic Radar Detector Russia is the perfect dashboard for your car. It combines a beautifully designed GPS speedometer with real speed limit data, a "black box", speed camera warnings and a travel log.


Free features:
- GPS speedometer
- Beautiful design without frills — only the most important functions
- View your real speed on the GPS database
- Choose your units of measurement — km/h or mph


Travel log:
- Track your mileage
- View your recorded trips with useful statistics
- View your driving history and mileage log


More than 50,000 locations of stationary speed cameras
- Avoid stationary cameras by using an offline database
- Know where the hidden cameras that control the passage of a red traffic light signal are hidden
- One of the largest databases of speed cameras on the market


Online community
- Report new speed camera traps, accidents and hazards with just one tap
- With the help of other drivers, you can stop worrying about speeding fines and enjoy driving to the fullest


Premium features:
- Video recording from the dashboard
- Record videos of your trips
- Use it as proof in case of accidents
- The simplest DVR in the store

Real speed limits

- View real speed limits around the world
- Get notifications about speeding
- Coverage in 120 countries


- at night, information is projected directly into the line of sight on the windshield
- this provides a faster understanding of the instructions and does not distract attention from the road
- works in the dark without any additional devices or accessories
- after launching the HUD, touch it, rotate the screen and place it under the windshield The latest version of the translator Radar detector Russia download for android.

Features: Online Information

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