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Life is 2.0.30

Life is is a new opportunity to share moments of your life with friends, colleagues or family, with everyone together or with everyone individually. Just create the necessary groups from your phone contacts and determine who should show a great party, and who should know about success at work or at school.

Share photos and thoughts only with those to whom they are addressed, because now it is you who decides who will see your message. The simple and intuitive interface of Life is will not make you master the application for a long time, and the ability to create one or more groups of contacts will allow you to quickly share photos or interesting moments happening in your life.

The names of the contacts fully correspond to how they are recorded in your phone book, which will allow you to understand without additional effort whose post or comment you are currently seeing. At the same time, your friends will not know what you call them in your phone contacts. The latest version of the social network Life is download for android.

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