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F-Secure Freedome VPN

Freedome VPN for freedom seekers! Escape from all control, gaining privacy and security using an intuitive interface. One button to reset the tracking chains and attempts of spies. Protecting your Android from the most technologically advanced intruders and spies by replacing the real one with a secure virtual location with the Freedom tool. 


In the Freedome set 

• CONFIDENTIALITY: the possibility of getting under the microscope of an ill–wisher is an unpleasant realization. Now the observer's focus will not catch your actions, not a single one. Will only see an anonymous phantom from the substitution area.


• WIRELESS SECURITY: Even in public Wi-Fi, encryption with Freedom algorithms will not give fraud a chance.


• NO GEOGRAPHY BLOCKING: You are a citizen of the world, free surfing without digital borders until the end of the subscription! All streaming services are available in every location of the globe.


• SOMETHING FOR FREE: the original application security almost does not drain the battery, monitors malware, giving protection to the gadget. This component remains in service for free and after a period of familiarization.


But it's not just the features that make Freedome a great app. We have come a long way to provide you with the most reliable and complete digital freedom! 


Everyone demands, we give

  • A NON-NAME: We don't want to know who you are. You work without registration in the system.
  • DESIGN: elegance, power and minimalism. Press ONE button!
  • NO LIMITS: there is no traffic counter, freedom is unlimited.
  • GUARANTEES: 25 years of work experience in the security field, we have a digital reputation!  
  • The latest version of the app F-Secure Freedome VPN download for android.

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