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WIBR+ 2.2

WIBR is a unique media product for Android, which has a very convenient and practical functionality for all smartphones, tablets and mobile phones. With the help of the application, you can connect to any closed network with wireless connection. Nowadays, this software will be very relevant, because everyone constantly needs information from the world via the Internet, especially if you don't need to pay money for it.


The program in the athematic search mode is able to find wireless networks that are protected by a rather weak code and crack it. In the process of searching for an available connection, WEP/WPA/WPA2 passwords and keys are selected. They are selected by all the points that VIBR was able to find.


It is very important to use this application in cases when you no longer have a positive balance on your mobile account. Do not worry, VIBRATE on Android will help you connect to WiFi without any problems, if there is one nearby. After all, we take a tablet or smartphone with us on any trip, even outside the homeland, where using the free Internet will be very useful.


After all, very often, in foreign hotels you will be offered to use only paid Internet via WIFI. Do not rush to pay money, launch this application on your mobile device and within a few minutes you will be able to enjoy a free connection to the global connection.


Among all the characteristics of the program, the following can be noted:

  • developers are not responsible for hacking weak WiFi coverage protection;
  • in one minute, the application selects about 8 options;
  • when reconnecting to the access point, the program remembers passwords so as not to enter them or search for them again.


If you have already installed this product on your mobile phone, you can feel at ease. You will have the Internet in any place where coverage of any wireless connection will be available, which is not protected by too complex a code. The program works on all models of popular smartphones and tablets, so you can safely download it and try to install it on your multimedia device.


It is worth noting that the program continues to work even if you close the browser on your phone or access the Internet. At any time, it will be possible to enter the expanses of the world Wide Web with the help of such a useful program. The latest version of the app WIBR+ download for android.

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