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Framaroot in Russian 1.0

Framaroot in Russian is a new version of the original Android program now with a Russian—language interface. This application has already made life easier for hundreds and thousands of owners of android devices. From the very beginning of the ascent of the "green robot", users have been trying to squeeze the maximum out of the operating system, and this cannot be done without root rights.

Why do I need Root

They give full control over the device and allow you to fully optimize it for your needs: delete and change system files, install new firmware, change the interface of the device, even add new functions. Installing root has always been difficult and risky — it was necessary to connect a mobile device to a PC, download rooting applications and try to install superuser rights on android. Sometimes the procedure was successful, and sometimes not, and the device turned into a "brick" that did not respond to user actions.


Everything changed with the creation of "exploits" applications, the most famous representative of which is Framarut in Russian. They use software and hardware bugs and vulnerabilities of mobile devices to grant superuser rights (root rights). This gives a unique opportunity to root the gadget without connecting to a personal computer in just a couple of clicks.


How to use the program

What you need to do to get root rights:

1. To begin with, it is better to disable the antivirus, or add the application to the "white list".

2. In the android settings, allow the installation of programs from third-party sources.

3. Install the application in the root of the memory card.

4. Run the program.

5. In the window that opens, click on the "Install SuperSU" button.

6. Click on the exploit button. They are located below the main ones and are named after the heroes of the Lord of the Rings saga.


The program displays all available exploits for this gadget and the operating system version. After all the above actions, the user sees a smiley face: cheerful if root is installed, and sad or discouraged if the installation is unsuccessful. Then it's worth trying other exploits.


If the actions were successful, restart the device. Root is installed. At the same time, the user's information is not affected. If none of the exploits helped, it remains only to wait for a new version of the program or use another method of rooting.


Features of using the application

The program also has a way to get superuser rights "Execute script". This option is recommended only for experienced users. It is worth knowing that getting root rights removes the factory warranty from the device. However, no one bothers to reinstall the original firmware and thereby hide the fact of rooting.

Since the operation of the program depends on the operating system and the hardware of the gadget, there is no connection between the model of the phone and tablet and the possibility of rooting them. Just try it. Not all users need root rights on the device, but if you need them, then this application is an ideal option for obtaining them. You can always delete root rights by clicking "delete" in the program. The latest version of the app Framaroot in Russian download for android.

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