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Likes for VKontakte 3.2.0

Likolov for VKontakte is a unique application that allows you to monitor the activity of friends in the most popular social network in Russia. Find like-minded people, find out about the age of friends, and also get an assessment and opinion of the closest ones about the publications that are on your personal page. Publish new entries and photos, receiving gratitude from new fans directly to your personal gadget with the Android operating system in return.



1. Simplified system for determining the most popular photos from the user's full album.

2. Availability of information about marks made by friends in relation to other users of the social network

3. The system allows you to easily and easily calculate the activity of your closest friends in the vastness of VK. The designation of activity is marked by a percentage indicator, and the change of positions in the rating is marked by an indicator color:

· Green – increase.

· Red – lowering.


Laykolov for VKontakte for android will be as useful as possible for fans of virtual communication using social networks. The program will allow you to effectively and easily determine the importance and benefit of a publication that has appeared on your own page. The latest version of the app Likes for VKontakte download for android.

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