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Root Explorer Apps Review 1.0

Root Explorer Apps Review is one of the most reliable file managers in modern times. This application runs on the Android operating system, allowing access to its entire file system and hidden folders. This fully satisfies the need for absolute control over the device and its performance. A distinctive feature of the file manager can be considered interaction and extensive work with all browsers, support for a text editor, creating and unpacking archives, as well as performing a number of other operations.


Among the advantages of the application, it is worth highlighting the possibility of creating MD5 shortcuts, image thumbnails, as well as a symbolic link of the "open with" object. It is also important to note that file management will be carried out from the root of the mobile gadget system itself.


Program Features:

- simple powerful;

- gesture support.


Such a file manager will suit businessmen and people who value their time and prefer to work mobile with large-volume information, but taking up little space.


When running Root Explorer Epps Review, the program will request root rights, which can be obtained using z4root or SuperOneClick. The search for the necessary information is carried out by name, and it can be managed from the root of the file system. The latest version of the app Root Explorer Apps Review download for android.

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