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File Explorer (Root Add-On) 1.0.2

File Explorer (Root Add-On) - complements the FX File Explorer application, which is very popular among owners of Android devices. The owner of the device now more fully controls its operation, manages folders / files, easily, conveniently moves them, modifies, changes the permission of users, makes the system partition available for reading, writing, fully controls the operation of the device.


The program is primarily intended for experienced users who are actively studying the functionality of their mobile devices, lovers of experiments, interested in gadgets. The presence of the original application specified above on the Android device is required, all the functionality of the Explorer File (Root Addon) is available only through the interface of this program. In addition, it is important to know that the owner of the device downloading this content must have root access rights. Otherwise, the module will simply be useless.


The program allows you to view the contents, copy, search for folders by their size, date of creation, type, change files that are stored in system folders (directories) that are inaccessible to ordinary users. With the help of the add-on, the permissions of the owners of folders / files are easily changed, the root and system partition are remounted. Note that only a small part of the functionality is listed!


Installing the add-on requires very little time, practically does not take up the permanent memory of the mobile device. To simplify the download, you need to pre-download the add-on to the memory of a personal computer or laptop, then move the APK file directly to the device. It has already been said above, the operation modes of the add-on are controlled through the working interface of the FIX File Explorer application, which is perfectly familiar to owners of mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers.


How do I run the program? - Find the icon labeled System (Root), click on this icon.


What devices can the program work with? - Any devices using the Android operating system, the user must have root access rights.


Use the "full" capabilities of your tablet computer, smartphone, and communicator. Move folders, work with archives, multimedia content, change access rights to content, do not experience any restrictions at the same time. The latest version of the system application File Explorer (Root Add-On) download for android.

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