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APIdog 1.0

APIdog VKontakte is an alternative version of the most popular social network VKontakte among representatives of various age groups. The application has advanced functionality, focused on the use of owners of mobile devices with Android OS installed. The source code of Apidog VK, unlike the original, is completely open. The main advantage of the application is that the user is always visible to other account holders as being "offline".


The program will be useful for users of devices that frequently visit the VKontakte social network, but who want to do it incognito, while remaining invisible to other users. It is distinguished by the presence of a concise, intuitive interface, which allows any regular of the VK network to use the program, even with little knowledge in the field of electronic technology.


The program, thanks to its modest "size", practically does not take up the memory of a mobile device, it is characterized by simple installation and configuration. For even greater simplicity, you can pre-load it into the memory of a personal computer and then "transfer" it to the desired folder on a tablet PC or smartphone.


How to make a repost? - Click on the time of posting the record you liked, then click the "Tell friends" button. What should I do if the site is working, but nothing is loading? - Log out of the site, clear cookies and browser cache, log back into the application.


Read the latest posts on the walls of account owners, visit your favorite bands, listen to music, watch videos and photos, use your mobile device to the fullest. Enjoy using it. The latest version of the social network APIdog download for android.

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