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ES App Locker 1.1.7

ES App Locker is undoubtedly a useful software for owners of Android devices. With this application, blocking access to certain programs, games, content stored on a mobile device will become an easy task.


From now on, don't worry about the fact that another person has the device. You can be sure that a child picking up a tablet or smartphone will not climb where it is not needed. In addition, the capabilities of the EU App Locker program allow you to lock the device entirely and thus increase its security.


The program will interest any user, because it allows you to increase the protection of your smartphone or tablet by an order of magnitude. The main features include: the presence of a multi-lock that allows you to restrict access to any content, the presence of an automatic screen lock after it is turned off, the ability to easily unlock by drawing the necessary drawing on the touch screen.


Convenient, logically understandable management interface, pleasant graphic design, stable operation. All this ensures the popularity of the presented software and makes it one of the best among competitors. The application takes up a little space in the memory of the mobile device and it will take a few minutes to download.


How to unlock a smartphone protected by an application? - Draw a pre-entered drawing on the screen. Can the software block individual applications? - Yes, maybe the appropriate settings need to be made in the management interface.


Increase the security of your mobile device, block unauthorized access to confidential information. Now you can safely give your Android device to your child and not worry about the fact that the baby will spoil the performance of the device, will do something superfluous! The latest version of the system application ES App Locker download for android.

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