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Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.19

Solid Explorer File Manager is a file manager with advanced features created specifically for Android devices. Have you been searching for a good file manager with a convenient management interface and advanced functionality for a long time? Solid Explorer File Manager is what you need!


The presented program differs from competitors by a small amount of occupied memory, a simple, convenient, logically understandable interface, and the widest functionality. The program will be useful to various categories of users. First of all, of course, owners of mobile Android devices often work with files, folders, multimedia content. In addition, the application will be useful for fans of watching movies, photos on a tablet or smartphone and music fans.



  • Comprehensive graphic design customization
  • Support for popular clients (FTP, SFTP and so on)
  • Ability to work with the most common data archive formats
  • The user can create password-protected data archives in ZIP, 7zip formats
  • Thanks to the presence of extensions, you can make the functionality of the application even more advanced


As already mentioned, the application is able to act as a means for viewing multimedia content. With the help of the software, you can organize photo, video and audio content in a convenient place for viewing and working. It will take quite a bit of time to download the software, while it will take up a minimum of space in the memory of the mobile device. Hurry up to use his abilities! The latest version of the file manager Solid Explorer File Manager download for android.

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  • Program version: 2.2.6
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