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ES File Explorer - E - Pro 1.25

EU File Explorer-E-Pro is an application for convenient and correct management of files and other programs that are located on your tablet or smartphone with an Android system. Its additional functions allow each user to quickly navigate through their device and find the necessary shortcuts that will be placed on the home screen.


Using this application, you will have the opportunity not only to connect to the Internet faster, but also to download photos, watch movies and even read books without delay.


The advantages of the new version are clearly expressed in the features of its management functions: insert, move, create, delete, rename, search, send, hide labels and bookmarks, operate with local data or erase them if necessary. After making a few clicks by pressing the buttons on the screen, you will be able to send any information from your email to another user.


The disadvantage for users of mobile devices who do not have the Android system installed is the inability to launch and use this application after downloading it. At the same time, we must not forget that the effectiveness of using the program largely depends on the speed of the connected Internet.


As for the cache, it can be located on the internal memory of the phone or external media. It can easily be found in the downloaded files of a separately created folder, which will not take up a lot of extra megabytes of memory.


How will the user's location affect the work of ESFileExplorer-E–Pro? With this application, each of you, regardless of where you are, will be able to freely manage your resources from a mobile device, access files, share information, photos or videos with friends and acquaintances, that is, always be in touch. The latest version of the file manager ES File Explorer - E - Pro download for android.

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